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When you need high speed, high precision flat parts cut from Paper, Card Stock, Plastic, Solid Neoprene, PVC (Foam and Solid), Re-Bonded Foam Pads, Cork, Polyethylene, Expanded Neoprene we have your solution.

Our modern production facilities are equipped with current technology equipment and proprietary machinery that can maximize your part production ROI while minimizing your timeline and overall cost. Our die-making capabilities allow us to be versatile and offer complete control over our quality standards. This also improves our turn-around time and reduces logistics and cost.

State-of-the-art Preco presses let us precisely control tolerances giving you a premium finished product with unmatched versatility in part configuration.

We have years of experience with a vast number of materials from super-soft foams to solid metals.

Our engineers have designed and fabricated some of our own proprietary “in house” equipment so that our processes run as efficiently as possible.


Production Equipment

We offer a wide variety of presses to serve your needs. From swing-head, traveling-head, clam-shell, roller presses to high-speed and high-accuracy kiss-cutting Preco presses. For special applications and prototype parts we offer water jet and laser cutting. We can kiss-cut on rolls and sheets, with or without the scrap and matrix removed.


High speed equipment allows for smaller tool sets, which minimizes initial tooling costs. With less cavities, there is less variation in the cut parts, and less maintenance of the cutting rule. With our die services we offer quick turn-around and no delays from a tool needing repair.


Our experienced staff can help evaluate your requirements and offer suggestions for appropriate materials and layout. We also offer evaluations of your assembly process to help speed production by supplying you with the best form of materials and secondary services.

Material Examples

Solid Neoprene
PVC (Foam and Solid)
Re-Bonded Foam Pads
Expanded Neoprene

Secondary Processes

We don’t stop at production, we can offer a number of secondary operations and services from finishing all the way to final assembly;


We can apply single or double-sided adhesives. We offer rubber and acrylic based pressure-sensitive adhesives as well as heat-activated adhesive. Laminated adhesives are available with a variety of liners and in a supported or unsupported design. We offer a wide selection of adhesives to fit your application.


Slitting and rewind capabilities include saw-cut, sheer-cut, pinch-cut and CNC bologna cutting. We can process rolls of material up to 60 inches in width and 27″ in diameter. Materials that are converted by slitting include foam, felt, rubber, butyl, tapes and cork. Finished products are available in sheets and roll form.

We also have the ability to process flexible metals in tape or stamped form.


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